The Millennium Harper program ran from the millennium year of 2000, through 2008. Twenty-six harpers each defined their own year-long personal challenge, and then claimed their Millennium Harper Awards at completion. 

Jane Valencia, Vashon Island Millennium Harper of the Paper Cranes (2008); Sandy Hehl, Millennium Harpist to the Elderly and the Young of Hampton Roads, VA (2004).

Here is a list of Millennium Harpers with their titles (and year of award).

Nadya King, MH to the Young Elders of Western Oregon (2008); Jane Valencia, Vashon Island Millennium Harper of the Paper Cranes (2008); Sandy Hehl, Millennium Harpist to the Elderly and the Young of Hampton Roads, VA (2004).

Jo Morrison, Impromptu Millennium Harper for Maryland (2003) and Isle of Lewis (2005); Susan Kitsch, MH of Roads Less Travelled of the Southwest (2003); Monet, Millennium Harper of the Great Lakes (2003) Susan Neff, MH of Small Harp Awareness in Central Illinois (2003); Cameron Hempstead, Millennium Park Princess of Los Gatos, Saratoga and Campbell, CA (2003);

Deborah Bennett (with Maggie Pinckard,as WOAD) Wine Harpers of Northern California (2002); Lina Bird, Preston County and Morgantown, WV (2002); Valerie Blessley, Pacific Northwest Waters; Jeffry Brown, Children's Literacy of SE Pensylvania (2002); Becky Fox, Northern Puget Sound (2002); Jeanne Page, New Mexico's Story in Song (2002); Susan Galloway, Nova Scotia (2002).

Pat Greenwell, Children's Harp Awareness of Central Alberta (2002 and 2003); Tanah Haney, Bridges and Locks of Southern Ontario (2002); Skye Hurlburt, Southern New England; Angela Kovatch, Somerville, Massachusetts (2002); Cindy Lewellen, MH to Those Who Wait at Ruby Hospital, Morgantown, WV (2002); Mary Kathleen Lloyd, Brazos Valley, Texas (2002); Liz Mayer, Blushing Busker of Flemington, NJ (2002); Peggy Morgan, Daniel Boone Nat'l Forest; Penny Price MH of South Androscoggin County, Maine (2002); Paula K. Parker, The Memory of America's Civil War (2002); Maggie Pinckard (with Deborah Bennett, as WOAD)> Wine Harpers of Northern California (2002); Bev Russell, Ghost Busker of SE England (2002); Muriel Willingham, Oregon Covered Bridges (2002); Sara Walthery, Historic Indiana (2002).

Kira Jones, MH of Jeffco-Rockport (2002) and Evergreen, CO (2001); Julie Arreguin, Nacogdoches, Texas (2001); Maureen Duffy-Boose, AKA Aisling, Salt Lake County, Utah (2001); Thom Dutton Cape Cod (2001); Brian Eisenbart, Mission Viejo, California (2001); Mary-Lela Gilbert, Orange County, CA (2001); Skye Hurlburt, Southeastern New England (2001); Harper Tasche, Washington State (2001); Ardy Mattox, Eastern Oregon, (2001); Polly McMahon, The Inland Empire, Spokane County (2001); Paula Jean Ann McKay Wentz, American Generations (2001); Marika Wojchiechowski, MH of Conyers, GA (2001).