Lina Bird: Millennium Harper of Preston County and Morgantown, WV, 2002

I, Lina Bird, hereby claim the title of Millennium Harper of Preston County and Morgantown. I have performed on the harp primarily in restaurants and cafes, but also anyplace else that will have me. The places I have played are 1) The Corner Cafe; 2) The Heldreth; 3)Munroe's; 4) Preston County Inn; 5) New China Restaurant; 6) Blue Moose Cafe; 7) Perks; 8) Grasshopper Locomotive; 9) Mountain People's Kitchen; 10) WV Brewing Company; 11) Puglioni's; 12) Garo; 13) Zen Clay; 14) Pizza Hut; 15) Subway; 16) PC Pizza; 17) Subway; 18) Wings Ole; 19) Maxwell's; 20) Middle Eastern Deli; 21) Hatfield's; 22) Morgantown Dance Studio; 23) St. Zita's; 24) Morgantown Library; and 25) Kingwood Library.