SERGIO NICOLAS AGUIRRE GOMEZ is a young Colombian harpist in the traditional arpa llanera style of Venezuela and Colombia. He is the son of Hildo Ariel Aguirre Daza, renowned harpist, composer, teacher, and founder of a music school, Academia Llano y Joropo, in Bogotá. Sergio Nicolas is in the US June 15-23, 2015, click here for details of his schedule.

Sergio was born in Bogotá, Colombia, on June 21, 1999. He began performing at the age of 5, singing in a Christmas program at Academia Llano y Joropo. He began playing the traditional maracas at age 7, with a children’s ensemble Cuerdas al Viento (Strings to the Wind). This group performed in major concert halls in Bogota and other cities of Colombia, sponsored by IDARTES, a government agency promoting music and arts.

From 2010, he concentrated on mastering the harp, as taught by his father in the traditional style. In 2011, he took second place, and in 2012, first place in the “youth harp” category, at the International Harp Festival in Villavicencio, a city famous for its musical tradition.

In 2013, he participated in recording a CD, Arpas de Colombia, and he formed Herencias (Heritage), a group of young musicians in the tradition, performing in Bogotá and elsewhere. In 2014, he performed alongside renowned harpists from around the world, at the first Encuentro Internacional Maestros del Arpa (International Gathering of Harp Teachers) in Bogotá.

The US visit of Sergio Nicolas Aguirre is sponsored in part by Harping for Harmony Foundation, a 20-year-old nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting “harmony and community, locally and globally, through harp music.” In July and August of 2014, Executive Director John Lozier was a guest at Academia Llano y Joropo, with Hildo Ariel Aguirre and his family, all exceptional musicians.

The visit of Sergio Nicolas will be barely a week, from June 15 to June 23. After that he will tour with his father in Ireland. He will celebrate his 16th birthday in the USA, on June 21, 2015.