Artist Profiles

Over more than 20 years, I've had the privilege of knowing many harpists, ranking from world-class professionals down to struggling beginners. Here I introduce and recommend some of the Latin American harpists I have known. You may contact the artists directly, or inquire with me, for private or public performance or for lessons. I'm happy to collaborate!

-John Lozier

Abel Rocha: I have met him twice, took a lesson from him more than 20 years ago. I saw him again in Seattle a few years ago. He is Mexican, a strong performer in Venezuelan harp style, also a singer and collaborator with other musicians.

Alex Martinez: Performed in Front Royal, VA and Morgantown, WV, in March, 2015. From Barquisimeto, Venezuela; his biography is here. A strong young musician.

Angel Tolosa: A Venezuelan harpist with world-class credentials. He has performed in more than two dozen countries. He is also very well schooled in the history of the harp traditions of Venezuela and the expansion of the tradition into Colombia. I arranged a tour with him in September, 2017 in VA and WV. Audiences are astonished at his very strong performance. Also, he is an excellent teacher, I have learned a lot from him.

Herencias: A Colombian trio in the tradition of musica llanera. In 2014 I made a field recording of the group in Bogotá, it is now on Youtube. Trained by Hildo Ariel at Academia Llano y Joropo, the personnel includes harpist Sergio Nicolas Aguirre and Tatiana Aguirre, son and daughter of Hildo Ariel. A June, 2015 performance by Sergio Nicolas was very well received in the US.

Hildo Ariel Aguirre Daza: Founder, in 1988, of Academia Llano y Joropo in Bogotá, Colombia, a music school where he has taught thousands of students and trained scores of professionals. I help to arrange his July, 2017 tour in the US.

Jaime Castillo: His Facebook page says he is "Project Manager with a major US company; 26years coaching soccer; Professional Harpist." An excellent performer; I met him when he performed in Front Royal, VA, in September, 2015. 

Nicolas Castañeda: Colombian, trained with Hildo Ariel at Academia Llano y Joropo in Bogotá. Lives in Boston, graduated from Berklee School of Music. He performed in Front Royal, VA in September, 2014 and again in September 2016. 

Nicolas Carter: World-class Paraguayan harpist, he has performed in dozens of countries around the world, and with Harping for Harmony Foundation several times in Front Royal, VA and Morgantown, WV. Nicolas is very popular and well known in the folk harp world, a US citizen raised from infancy in Paraguay, 100% bilingual.