Artist Profiles - Latin American Harpists

Here are profiles Latin American harpists who may be available for your event. Links lead to more information. PLEASE contact the artists directly, if possible. I am not a booking agent but you may email me, jl@harpingforharmony, regarding the Baquiano program.

-John Lozier

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Abel Rocha - harpist, singer and multi-instrumentalist, Seattle, Washington. Performs with Correo Aereo.

Alex Martinez: A young harpist from Venezuela, performing in various US locations, on the web at

Alfredo Rolando Ortiz: a veteran performer and teacher, longtime Californian with roots in Cuba and Venezuela, on the web at

Angel Tolosa a Venezuelan mid-career professional, internationally known, established in New York and Mexico.

Carolina Vega: A young graduate of Academia Llano y Joropo in Bogota. She offers a diverse repertoire including Celtic and other world harp traditions.

Herencias: young trio or ensemble in Bogotá, Colombia. Trained by Hildo Ariel at Academia Llano y Joropo, key members are his son Sergio Nicolas and daughter Tatiana.

Hildo Ariel Aguirre Daza: veteran performer and teacher of traditional arpa llanera, founder in 1988 of Academia Llano y Joropo in Bogotá, Colombia.

Jaime Castillo: a professional musician with a "day job" as "Project Manager with a major US company".

John Kovac: harpist and harpmaker, aficionado, Front Royal, VA.

Nicolas Castañeda: trained with Hildo Ariel in Bogotá, lives in Boston, graduated from Berklee School of Music. 

Nicolas Carter: a world-class musician, US citizen raised from infancy in Paraguay, 100% bilingual.

Melba Rey, Colombian harpist in Pittsburgh, PA area, phone 412-413-5562, email

Rene Devia: Colombian, known in Texas and Florida

Sergio Nicolas Aguirre: up-and-coming harpist, 

Wuilmer Lopez: a graduate of Academia Llano y Joropo, in early career with a growing international reputation.

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