"When you but touch my strings,

You shall a harper be

When all have touched my strings,

The world will be in harmony"

(words inscribed on an ancient harp)

The mission of Harping for Harmony Foundation is

to promote harmony and community, locally and globally, through harp music

Priorities: 1) Environmental Education through children's music, especially in the Spanish-speaking world; 2) Support for harp students at all ages and skill levels, especially in Latin America styles, techniques and repertoire; and 3) Concerts and Workshops with authentic Latin American harpists, in the US and elsewhere, within or outside Latin America. More broadly, we support harp music and harpists in war-torn or otherwise conflicted places, to promote peace, childhood, livelihood, health and democracy

Photo: Euro Olivero on harp, cousin Simon sings, Elorza, 2006

Harping for Harmony Foundation is a 501(c)(3) exempt charity in the State of West Virginia, established in 1994. Donations are tax-deductable.