Tanah Haney: Millennium Harper of Bridges and Locks of Southern Ontario, 2002


Tanah Haney is Millennium Harper of Bridges and Locks of Southern Ontario

Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 17:00:32 -0500
Subject: [MillenniumHarpers] Quest Completed!

We finally did it, not only 25 bridges and locks, but 28! (29 if you count Almonte) We were lucky enough to have a few more sunny above-zero (Celsius) days, so we got to squeeze in a few more than we'd originally planned.

Check details at http://www.celticharper.com/questphotos.html

The total list of bridges and locks visited (and played at!) are as follows:

July 2nd, '02, sites #1-#6 - Various towns in southern Ontario
1. Port Elmsley, Pike Falls, Bridge on the Tay River
2. CPR Railway Bridge, Smiths Falls
3. Kilmarnock Lock
4. The Mill Dam in Carleton Place
5. Pakenham old stone arch bridge, on the Mississippi
6. Dam in Almonte - too noisy to play, so we didn't officially count this one initially

July 3rd, '02, sites #7-#10 - Perth, ON
7. Stuart Park bridge #1 - arched foot bridge
8. Start Park #2 - bridge on Mill Street
9. Stuart Park #3 - "little rainbow" foot bridge near old box factory
10. Rainbow bridge - big arched bridge up the road from Stuart Park

August 30th, '02, sites #11-#13 - Peterborough, ON
11. Bridge on Armour Road, over river near park area
12. Parkhill Road bridge (recently restored)
13. London Street foot bridge (near dam, recently expanded)

September 1st, '02, sites #14-#15 - Peterborough, ON
14. Trent Severn Waterway, Lock #20
15. Peterborough Historic Lift Locks

November 6th, '02, sites #16-#20 - Peterborough, ON
16. Old Railway Bridge near little lake
17. Hunter Street Bridge
18. Stewart Street foot bridge #1
19. Stewart Street foot bridge #2
20. Jackson Creek tunnel / Reid Street bridge

November 8th, '02, sites #21-22 - Peterborough, ON
21. Old abandoned railway bridge, off River Rd. near Trent U.
22. Trent University foot bridge

November 9th, '02, sites #23-#26 - Lakefield and Buckhorn, ON
23. Lakefield bridge
24. Lakefield dam / footbridge
25. Buckhorn, Lock 31
26. Buckhorn, Bridge over Lock 31 (this is pretty much the same location, so we weren't going to count it as two spots, even though it's two different structures - but since we exceeded our quota anyhow I'm listing them all!)

November 20th, '02, sites #27-#29 - Omemee, ON
27. Old wooden railway bridge in Omemee
28. Stone arch bridge - main street of Omemee
29. Single-lane bridge and dam

We (my husband, official photographer) and I would have liked to make it an even 30, but unfortunately it's really finally turned wintery here, so I think our harp questing season is officially over! In the end the total comes to 29 spots, 28 actually played at, 27 if you count the Buckhorn bridge and lock as one location.

Tanah Haney, Millenium Bridge Harper of Southern Ontario

(Declaration in early 2002 was as follows:)

I, Tanah Haney, declare that I will pursue the title of Millenium Bridge Harper of Southern Ontario, by playing at 25 locations on or beside various historic bridges and locks in Southern Ontario, Canada. I plan to pursue this quest between the Spring and Fall of 2002, with the ultimate goal of having my quest completed by the end of the year. I've always had an affinity for lakes, rivers & streams, and Ontario is a place that abounds in fresh water. I live in Peterborough, which is situated on an extensive watershed. We have an historic canal and lock system right here in town, as well as numerous historic mills, dams and bridges in the area. I liked the idea of bridges because they connect communities, and are general symbols of unity, compromise and harmony.

Despite having lived in Ontario for most of my life, there are lots of places that I've never been, and I would use this as an opportunity to explore the smaller towns and cities near me. It would also stretch my limits because, despite playing professionally for more than a decade now, I'm still not entirely comfortable playing solo in public, especially spontaneously in front of strangers. At least I will have a month or two to psyche myself up before the warm weather hits!

Check my web site: www.celticharper.com

Tanah Haney