Susan Neff, Millennium Harper of Small Harp Awareness in Central Illinois

From: Susan Neff Date: Fri, 05 Mar 2004 17:39:42 -0800 Subject: [MillenniumHarpers] I completed my quest!

Well, I am finally claiming my title as Millennium Harper of Small Harp Awareness in Central Illinois. I have finally gotten my 25 places finished and documented with photos and comments on my web site.

My quest declaration was:

In an effort to educate people in my area about non-pedal harps and to allow them a chance to experience the joy of playing a harp, I, Susan Neff, will play at at least 25 places in the Peoria, Illinois area, including both planned programs and impromptu performances.

This quest was a stretch for me in many ways by giving me the incentive to do things which I'd wanted to try for a long time but was afraid to do. I took my harp out to the park and the local Renaissance faire without having made prior arrangements, and I ended up making friends and playing with a group of musicians. I brought my harp to a school and shared my knowledge with the kids and let them try out the harp. I got to test my playing-by-ear skills at more than one time. I offered my harping as healing music. Finally, at a retirement home, I gave a program which was much appreciated. The best part was getting to visit with people one-on-one to explain the folk harp to them and let them try playing for the first time.

Susan Neff

ps Sites and events that I planned to include were the following: Jubilee College State Park, Jubilee College Historic Site, Irish harps presentation at Sigma Alpha Iota alumnae meeting, Peoria Womens Club, Peoria Riverfront, Morton Public Library, one or more Morton grade schools, Harp and Thistle Irish import shop, Morton bike trail, Constitution Trail (bike trail), Wildlife Prairie Park, Idlewood Park, Birchwood Park, Northwoods Park, Oakwood Park, Bradley Park, Detweiler Park, Forest Park Nature Center, SAI joint musicale, Childrens Clinical School in Creve Coeur, farmers market in Bloomington, art guild show in Peoria, harp circle.

As a tangent to my harp quest, I am also interested in starting a Peoria area harp circle, which should increase awareness of harps in the community, as well as bringing together local harpers to learn from each other.