Susan Galloway: Millennium Harper of Nova Scotia, 2002

From: Susan Galloway <>
To: John Lozier <>
Subject: Re: 2002 Millenium Harper Challenge
Dear John;

Well, here it is, 19 December, 2002 and I completed my pledge on Sunday, December 15th, 2002!!!! I have documented each of the locations with photos ( a couple I forgot the camera, but still have signatures) and signatures whenever another person was present.

My initial intent was to play in locations where is was just me, Nature, given my noviceness of playing the harp, but alas, some people actually asked me to go to their place to play!!! At one spot there were eight women who had gathered for a special week - I really thought they would go about doing their "stuff" as they were all week, but they pulled out everything imaginable that they could sit on out to the front porch of the cottage at Blue Rocks Nova Scotia and they listened while I played - 8!!
not 1 or 2 or no one other than Nature and our dogs. So needless to say the resonace and appeal of the harp continues to amaze us all.

The last film goes in for processing next week. I am writing up the last of the accounts for each of the locations. Do you prefer receiving the accounts, photos via snail mail or electronic mail? And, while I have completed the pledge sites (and have many more for next year) before the 31st of December, you will not receive the accounts via snail mail until January. Is that okay?

This initially was to be possibly named the St. Margaret's Bay, N.S. Harping for Harmony Award. It could become in future part of the Nova Scotia Waterways Harping for Harmony Award which might attract more people to take their harps outdoors and play for the sea, Earth's emotional body, and for the resonance one feels underfoot as the harp is played by both hands and wind.

This was an amazing experience for me, for my confidence and for learning about the personalities of harps and their decisions to be in certain locations.

Many blessings to you during this Season of Love and Light.
May you forever be filled with and be love, light, laughter!


susan galloway, Millennium Harper of Nova Scotia

(Below is the declaration offered in early 2002:)

I, Susan Galloway, offer to play the harp from at least 25 sites along the shores and waterways of Nova Scotia - St. MargaretUs Bay in particular. May the sound of the harp bring a harmonious spirit to these waterways and their connection to all of EarthUs waterways. As Earth's emotional body receives the soft resonance of the joyous, soothing harp, may all life feel the comfort of the cradling/rocking/swaying motion.

Documentation: I will document my playing the harp at each site by one of the following methods: picture of the view seen from where I play; picture of me playing; acceptance of one of Earth's offerings to acknowledge I was there; signature from a witness.

With this pledge we could begin the St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia Harping for Harmony Award

Susan Galloway