HHF Board Approves 2005 Projects, Development Plans

New projects totalling $7500 have been approved by the Harping for Harmony (HHF) Board of Directors on March 17. Projects include Tegucigalpa Harp School in Honduras ($2000, to Lis Joosten); El Molino Harp School in Venezuela ($5000, to CENDI, a Venezuelan nonprofit, and other participants), and a harp workshop at the Summer Braille Music Institute in Philadelphia ($500, to Christina Cotruvo). Also approved is an ambitious multi-year development plan, which envisions a doubling and tripling of annual revenue, along with greatly increased funding of external projects. Funding the 2005 and future projects is contingent upon successful fund-raising, from individual contributions and also possibly from grants.

The development plan notes that HHF revenues, although sustainable, are not sufficient to accomplish all that was envisioned in our mission. The plan will combine grant-writing efforts with increased solicitation of individual contributions. Website and on-line donation capacities are established, and can be improved. Interested potential donors are signing up for an email newsletter, allowing a permission-based direct email approach. Other targeted telephone, email and direct mail strategies will be tried.

All funding is contingent upon donations. Please help us to meet our goals for 2005. Make a tax-deductable donation on line (click the DONATE button) or the old-fashioned way with a check to Harping for Harmony Foundation.

John Lozier