Occasional Newsletter April 2005

Dear Friends of Harping for Harmony Foundation,

It is Spring, Saint Patrick's Day is past, life is bursting with beauty, hope and joy. This newsletter is the "new leaf" that I promised to turn over, back in January. For more, check the posts and links below.

Our mission remains the same - to promote harmony and community, locally and globally, through harp music.

Projects for 2005 in Honduras, Venezuela, and Philadelphia were approved at our March 17 board meeting. I'm especially excited about the El Molino Harp School project, set for March, 2006 in the traditional heartland of Venezuelan llanero style harp music. (By the way, the opportunity for bird-watching is fabulous!!) Imagine! Anyone who goes with me next March will also experience live local traditional music at El Caney del Arpa, a traditional family-style nightclub in Guanare.

The Venezuela actions stem from my trip in January. I collaborated there with Adolfo Cardozo, creator of children's music for environmental education, under the name of Doctora Gallina. I still have a few sets of his CD recordings and colorful songbooks, which you can obtain in exchange for a donation.
In Honduras, Lis Joosten has started the Cuarto Creciente harp school, with seed money from Harping for Harmony Foundation and a lot of personal encouragement from our friend Patrice Fisher in Guatemala.

The Millennium Harper Awards program continues to be a popular project for local harpists.
For 2005, there are six challengers seeking Millennium Harper titles. Here they are:

Ciel: Millennium Harper Quest to the Flowing Waters and Standing Stones of Dumnonia
Wendy Wylde, Millennium Harper to the Beasts of Colorado
Monika Durbin, Millennium Harper for the Elders of Pensacola, FL
Jelina Arreguin, Cross-strung Millennium Harper of Texas
Elsa Deutschbein, Millennium Harper of Injured and Recovering Furry Animals of Rochester, NY
Christina Cotruvo, Millennium Harper of Harp-Abilities of Duluth, MN


We have vacancies on the board of directors . If interested, please contact me.To receive updates, please email me.

John Lozier, Millennium Harper of West Virginia