El Molino Harp School

(Note: Venezuela plans have changed, see elsewhere)

The El Molino Harp School Project was conceived in 2005, in a collaboration with CENDI, a Venezuelan nonprofit organization devoted to sustainable agriculture, environmental education, and ecotourism. In March, 2006, young Venezuelans will gather at a farm in the llanero heartland, to receive instruction from harpist Euro Olivero and other traditional musicians. The climax will be attendance at the famous Fiesta at Elorza on March 19. A budget of $5000 will cover purchase of several harps; local travel and living expenses; and compensation for the instructor and other musicians. International "adventure" ecotourists will be invited to participate. This project is part of a much larger program of development under the leadership of Adolfo Cardozo, founder of the musical group La Doctora Gallina.

Other projects approved for 2005 are Tegucigalpa Harp School and Summer Braille Music Institute.

All funding is contingent upon donations.

The purpose is to underwrite and implement a traditional llanero harp workshop project in Elorza, at Fundo El Molino. A group of 5 to 10 young Venezuelan musicians, aged 12 to 24, will be invited to spend 1 to 2 weeks with harpist Euro Olivero and other traditional musicians. Participants will be selected in consultation with local musicians including Adolfo Cardozo, composer of children’s music for environmental education. Foreign visitors will be accepted upon payment of larger fees, to help cover costs. Main expenditures include 1) purchase of several harps; 2) compensation to the harp instructor and other musicians; 2) lodging and meals at El Molino; and 3) local travel arrangements for participation in the Fiesta at Elorza, March 19, 2006.