Overbrook School Project

Christina Cotruvo has finished presenting a week-long workshop for young blind musicians, at Overbrook School in Philadelphia. Harping for Harmony Foundation provided three small harps (19 strings) for the project. Here's part of Christina's report:

It has been a full and busy week. The harps were a huge hit. Monday night for my first ensemble period, all students got to play the harps and incorporate them into a "get to know you" and "how was your first day" improvisation. The harps have been available all week in the dorms. Students gather around them in the evenings, playing and talking and singing. It has been an incredible bonding experience. This summer camp has provided them the opportunity to talk and be with others just like them and the harp has been an excellant communication tool!
Christina Cotruvo

One harp remains with Overbrook, and Christina purchased a second for herself. These harps are similar but not exactly like the Rafaella.

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John Lozier