A Harp Skit from the Teachings of Gandhi

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, THEN YOU WIN! - Gandhi

A skit for 10 or more people and harps

Several harps are placed in a circle on the floor.

Scene 1: “First, they ignore you.” One person plays harp in the circle. Others come by, singly or in two’s or three’s. They pantomime IGNORE, (e. g. looking around, talking with companion, stumbling over harpist).

Scene 2: “Then they laugh at you.” One person plays harp. Others come by, as before, but now they notice the harps. They pantomime DERISION (pointing, laughing, scoffing, sneering). However, one or two others join the harpist in the circle, and they continue to play together.

Scene 3: “Then they attack you.” Two or three people play harp. Others come by as before. Now they pantomime ATTACK, hitting, throwing things, making angry faces. HOWEVER, after passing, some of the attackers return quietly to join the harp circle.

Scene 4: “Then you win.” Ultimately, all of the onlookers join the harp circle and continue to play, harmoniously. (If more people than harps, use rhythm instruments, clap softly, snap fingers, etc.)

Variants: Pure pantomime, use signs to convey message, no speaking, just harping. Narrator speaks the message, otherwise pure pantomime. Different lines spoken by different people. First line by one person, subsequent lines by two or more speaking in unison. Climax: everyone chants THEN YOU WIN! THEN YOU WIN! THEN YOU WIN!

Decide as a group how to perform the skit. Be cooperative, and USE YOUR IMAGINATION!

John Lozier