Back in Arauca, soon returning to Bogota

A lot going on here in Arauca since returning Friday from Yopal, Casanare.

Saturday morning Luis and I said goodbye to Erika and Adolfo at the bridge on the Venezuelan border. 

I had proposed to return with them to Guanare for a day or two, then take public transit back to Arauca. They advised strongly against it. Bus service is greatly reduced and insecure, they said. Over the years I have not always followed such cautionary advice. I try to be careful but "no risk, no reward" (in economics that's an investment principle, it has wider application). 

Saturday and Sunday were rest, and I spent some good hours practicing my harp. 

On Monday I had a lesson with Armando "Peachy" Ramirez. Tuesday night I spent an hour with Pedro Quintero. Each harpist offers a complementary perspective. I try not to direct the lesson, but to just take in what they may have to offer. Peachy is young, very talented, and enthusiastic about playing, as reflected earlier in his participation at Las Mercedes on Saturday 1/27. Pedro is older, runs a music school (Pequinsan, derived from his name, Pedro Quintero Sanchez) with students coming every evening from 6 to 7 PM. Pedro is more didactic, which is good for me; he moves from one student to another, giving brief corrections or approvals as appropriate. With Peachy it is just him and me, which offers certain disadvantages as well as advantages.

Wednesday was very different. I went early with Luis to the farm, first to observe milking and then to begin a well-drilling operation that continues now into its second day. The drill is a metal pipe with a sharp bit at the bottom. Water is pumped down the pipe and a worker rotates the drill by hand. I'll follow up with more as next steps are taken after the drill reaches water.

Wednesday evening I had another lesson with Pedro Quintero, and today (Thursday) I'm just practicing as much as possible so I can perform for my teachers before I leave on Sunday.

A couple of nights ago my computer overheated and shut down. Completely dead. It recovered after cooling down for 8 hours. Overheating is a known issue. In retrospect, after consulting with Apple, I decided I will not leave it plugged in and turned on overnight.