My Harp Teacher in Barinas - Jose Gregorio Lopez

Goyo Lopez has been giving me instruction once or twice a day since last
week, and I´m so glad. He is very patient, very precise, does not let any
mistake go uncorrected. This is so important when the rhythm is so
intricate and particular.

I´m working mostly on Seis por Derecho, a very universal form based on a
certain rhythmic and harmonic repetition of chords 5 5 1 4. There are
numerous variations in both bass and treble parts. However, there are a
few cardinal errors that just seem to come naturally to a North American
musical mentality.

Pajarillo is another universal form here, which folks have told me is just
Seis por Derecho in a minor key (tuned with a sharped seventh). Here´s
Jose Gregorio Lopez doing Pajarillo on youtube (I hope this works)...

At my first lesson, Goyo said he has worked 40 years experimenting with
alternative tunings, in order to perform a more chromatic style. He
demonstrated for me, but since then I´ve been focused on getting the
basics. Maybe some other time, I´ll work on alternative tuning.