Agenda for 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It is time to renew our commitment to the mission, promoting harmony and community, acting locally and globally, through live harp music performance.

Live, Local Harp Music. In addition to our monthly Almost Heaven Harp Circle, we might decide to schedule some visits as a harp ensemble - schools, hospitals, etc. Also, I hope we can decide to to an ANNUAL CONCERT. Also, if possible, we should try to sponsor VISITING HARPISTS from out of town.

Millennium Harper Awards. Let's resume this promotion which awarded 40 small harps to people of all skill levels, across the globe, to recognize achievements in social service and personal growth.

Venezuela project. In the last three years, we have purchased and donated two harps in Venezuela. To support the indigenous harp tradition, my plan is to award a harp again this year to a worthy young musician. The first harp went to Jesus Garcia whose performance can be seen here The second harp has been housed at Parque Ecologico La Manguera where visitors can use it. We will replace this harp as it is passed along to another worthy young musician.

I am beginning to work with a local shop to produce a low-cost commercial harp, costing about $150 to produce and retailing for under $300. These will be available for the Millennium Harper Awards.

A budget for these projects: 10 millennium harps @ $200 = $2000. Grant to Adolfo Cardozo for purchase of a harp and support services, $1000.

Fund-raising: 1) membership appeal; 2) admission or donations at concert to be scheduled; 3) stronger solicitation at local live events and also through website and email; 4) income from sale of small harps.