Susan Kitsch: MH of Roads Less Travelled of the Southwest

I, Susan Kitsch, claim the title of Millenium Harper of Roads Less Traveled of the Southwest.

My personal 2003 Harp Quest Declaration was as follows:

I, Susan Kitsch, hereby declare my intention to visit the following places: La Bajada Hill, Santa Fe Trail, Dona Ana Trail, Hopping Jalapeno, Broad Canyon, Cedro Peak, Black Bear Pass, Grand Canyon, Canyon de Chelly, Engineer Pass, Imogene Pass, Poison Spider Mesa, Elephant Hill, 3 trails in Taos, NM, and at least two trails in Red River, NM and a variety of unnamed trails which constitute trails used by early peoples in the Southwestern United States. For my journal, I will find out why the trail exists and how the people lived. I will practice Leave no Trace skills, and will play my harp at those locations in memory of those who came before us and hope to gather enough visitors to make it a personal performance challenge.

For this Quest, I am choosing unpaved roads and trails that are still as close to original condition as possible. I will use trails that are primarily accessible by hiking or 4-wheel drive in order to reach the more remote areas. I may need to depart from this on occasion, as some trails have been paved to allow access by a larger population.

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One of the most significant growths for me during this quest, is the comfort level of playing where people can hear me. I look forward to future quests involving more populated areas, and being able to share the music, particularly with children. Every child I met was fascinated, and enchanted by the music and being able to make beautiful sounds, just by touching a string. What an honor this has been for me.