Polly McMahon: Millennium Harper of the Inland Empire, Spokane County WA, 2001


I, Polly McMahon hereby declare my claim to the title, by virtue of having played, during the year 2001, in every single major and community park to be found within the geographical area known as Spokane County - Spokane Washington

1. A.M. Cannon Park 2. Comstock Park 3. Liberty Park 4. Shadle Park 5. Franklin Park 6. Audubon Park 7. Lincoln Park 8. High Bridge Park 9. Manito Park 10. Riverfront Park 11. Peaceful Valley Park 12. Mission Park 13. Byrne, Patrick S. Park 14. Chief Garry Park 15. Coeur d'Alene Park 16. Corbin Park 17. Courtland Park 18. Cowley Park 19. Friendship Park 20. Glover Field Park 21. Hill, James J. Park 22. Nevada Park 23. Pacific Park 24. Thornton Murphy Park 25. Westgate Park

[further info - later quest JL]

Polly McMahon: Millennium Harper of the Lakes of Eastern Washington
Polly McMahon, pollym@spokanefalls.edu , Mon, 17 Mar 2003 I will join the Quest for Harpers this St Paddy Day 200. I will play at the 25 lakes surrounding our region - we have big ones and small. I will be hopin' for a spot o' sun but not the heat. I will be searchin' for a wee bit o' mist to cool me face, but not dampen the harp or me spirit.