Monet, Millennium Harper of the Great Lakes

UPDATE 1-27-2009 LETTER FROM Monet:

Dear John,

How nice to hear from you! I am performing in a band called HARPNOTIC. We play Renaissance, Medieval, Classical, Folk, Rock, Middle Eastern and Steampunk music. I've met many talented, generous musicians and artists along the way. You can meet them too and see videos of performances, solos, duets, trios, and so on and so on.


I'm off with the
Wraggle Taggle Gypsies 'O!"

Lucretia/Sea Squirt/Lady Rhubarb
Monet "McGYVeR" MuSSenTuCHiT
DiRecToR of "ThE SgT. PePPeR's AmaZiNG
Technicolor, Harp and Zill, Pirate Marching Band!!!!!



Tue, 20 Jan 2004 16:29:47 -0500 (EST) To: (John Lozier) Subject: Claiming my title, Millennium Harper of The Great Lakes

Hi John,

I am happy to announce that I have completed my 25 public appearances in my Harping for Harmony Quest.

I made many new friends, and look forward to wearing my pin as Millennium Harper of The Great Lakes ... of course the pin will be spelled right....

I played my harp in quite a few more places that are listed on my web page .... You are also invited to join the harpzombie yahoo group to see pics. Just follow links at my website.

I was lucky enough to get alot of good pictures from friends. I couldn't carry a camera, as it is not historically accurate. Lots more pictures will be added when I can make use of my sister's scanner and "Big Girl" computer. I made my web pages using web tv.

I will be back to playing the Ren Faires in the summer. In the meanwhile I have acquired 4 students, two singers, and two harp playing friends that live very close...And that is keeping me very busy.

The harp pins went quickly, and are spread from Michigan to Florida. I'll be needing to order lots more before festival time.

I was also given a harp (from Lewis Creek Instruments) which you will see in the pictures of the harpzombie group. It had a slight crack, so the builder patched it with a "skull and crossbones" design. It's lightweight, and has a awesome sound. I strapped it on with a guitar strap, and was quite MOBILE!!! I'm told that a harp playing pirate was quite a sight to see by those watching from the sidelines. No pictures of the harp with the skull design yet.

I will be bringing my harp to a Sci-Fi Convention next weekend, and a Renaissance Feast in February and of course I'll be playing again with The Shawn Riley Band on St. Patty's Day!

Thank you for your wonderful Inspiration. This was really the extra "push" I needed to take my harping from the living room to the world.



Monet's Millennium Declaration, 4 Mar 2003:  My goal is to take my harp with me to as many Ren. Faires, and SCA Events as possible. I also will be playing for my Yoga Class for the first time next week.... I want to attend my first bardic circle...and play at an art fair. For a "title" I think.... "Harpzombie,,,Mistress of The Cosmic Harp~" very groovy :-) I'd like to register by the deadline... St. Patty's Day. Mon?t Phone ... Web ...