Millennium Harper Awards

Hi, I'm John Lozier, Millennium Harper of West Virginia! I claimed that title in the millennium year 2000, after a year in which I harped in every single one of our 55 counties. Thereafter, Harping for Harmony Foundation established the Millennium Harper Awards to recognize worthy quests undertaken by other harpers. 

As Thomas Paine said,


Many harpers claimed titles in the years 2000 to 2010. These titles are secured by claims. Titles are a joke or a mockery if the claim is not worthyWorthy claims are those which are honored or recognized by peers. The Millennium Harper Award honors and recognizes a harpist who has established a worthy record of live performance

To establish the record, the harpist was first required to declare a year-long quest and specify the title to be claimed. The quest was to involve live performance, and to be a substantial service to your community. And it was to stretch your comfort level as a person and performer. Skill level was not important