Mexico - Arpa Jarocha

Some favorite tunes:

Siquisiri: Octavio Vega, solo harp; Webster Ricardez (charming street music scene, unusual video!)  Tlen-Huicani (harpist is Alberto De la Rosa); by a group called Recoveco, big production, big band and dance...

Tilingo Lingo: In graveyard (musicians not named); here is a Mariachi version - trumpets, violins and all;  

La Bamba: Harp solo with singer, in Veracruz, no name; Interesting orchestral version;  Original from 1939 (not harp); in a Texas restaurant, Gonzalo Mata; this excellent PLAYING FOR CHANGE video, features many international musicians, with harpist Alberto De la Rosa especially prominent. Jose Gutierrez y los Hermanos Ochoa

La Bruja: Jose Gutierrez y los Hermanos Ochoa

Pajaro Carpintero - Jose Gutierrez y los Hermanos Ochoa


Requinto, Jarana, and arpa - Jose Gutierrez