I, Lynn Gregg, being simultaneously shy and lazy but determined to conquer both, hereby declare my intent:

That I will play my harp at each full and new moon gathering I attend, and also at the eight seasonal festivals; and that, further, I will play my harp at all the historic reenactment events I attend this year; and that I will also work to broaden my repertoire so I can play more than the same five songs each time! At the end of this quest, I will take for myself the title of Millennium Harper of the Old Ways of Indiana.

I will document my quest online with stories and photos, beginning at Samhain of 2008 and continuing for a full turn of the year. My ultimate goal, beyond growing as a musician, is to share with my friends (and friends-to-be) the magic that can be found in the harp, and in the hearts of those who hear it.