Julie Arreguin: Millennium Harper of Nacogdoches, 2001


I, Julie Arreguin, hereby claim the title of Millennium Harper of Nacogdoches. I am entitled because I played my harp at or near every "main building" (see below) that represents a major at Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, TX," during the year 2001.

List of Main Buildings (or places in certain instances) that have to do with a MAJOR At SFA: Birdwell, Agriculture, Art Studio, Communications, Chemistry, E.L. Miller Science Building, Early Childhood Lab, Ferguson, Forestry, Griffeth Fine Arts, Horticultural Gardens, Human Science North, Human Science South, Liberal Arts North, McGee Business, McKibben Education, Military Science, Music, Norton H.P.E. Complex, Nursing and Math Building, Steen Library (all majors), University Center (all majors), Social Work House on Baker St., Alumni Building (all past majors), and the Old Stone Fort (historical site and interest to all majors). (All of the above=25 total).

Additional quest declared for 2003:

I, Julie Arreguin, declare a new Millennium Harp/Psaltery Quest for the year 2003. I want to claim to be the Spontaneous Millennium Harper of Texas. I plan to play at 25 spontaneous places or events this could include: chiropractor office, massage office, restaurants, downtown area of Nacogdoches, historical sites (including a few of these for sure), SFA campus or even an "event" at my home (such as a party). I will try to make each one unique and challenging to myself as well. I might even visit some place like the Nacogdoches Treatment Center where older people can enjoy some music. I call it spontaneous so I may just arrive without invitation and other places I might have to call ahead "just to make sure" it's O.K. (I don't want to surprise some people if it would interrupt something). I guess I am trying to make it as spontaneous as possible, but some events might be planned ahead if needed out of courtesy to the establishment.