John Lozier traveled to San Lucas Toliman several years ago, with a Rotary Club group. He taught Rigoberto Hernandez, a local carpenter and artist, how to build harps. Rigoberto has subsequently built and sold a number of harps. Lis Joostens, a harper for harmony in Honduras, obtained several harps from Rigoberto, with funding from Harping for Harmony Foundation.

In 2003, Patrice Fisher traveled twice to Antigua, Guatemala where she offered week-long harp workshops. Among the participants were several persons from San Lucas Toliman. Harping for Harmony Foundation provided two small harps, which were manufactured by Abraham Hernandez of San Lucas. For more information, go to Patrice's website.

Background: John Lozier, Executive Director of Harping for Harmony Foundation, had trained Hernandez how to build the harps on a visit to San Lucas in March, 2002. Abraham's son, Rigoberto, is a guitarist who has now turned his musical skill to playing the harp. Harping for Harmony Foundation has provided hardware and requirements to build several harps. The Catholic priest in San Lucas, Father Greg Shafer, visited Morgantown North Rotary Club in 2003 and reported that the harps are very popular. Donations for this project will provide 1) additional materials to build harps, and also 2)compensation to musicians who are involved in childhood and community development projects. Donations to HHF will also provide matching funds for Patrice Fisher's project. Budget: $100 can provide 1 harp or 20 hours of harp music in Guatemala. (From Patrice Fisher, you can purchase single copies of her recording, "Wanderings." Or, to benefit the Guatemala project, make a $60 donation to HHF and receive a "promo pak" with five copies of "Wanderings" plus a bonus recording.)