Harpers: Declare your Quest, then Tell your Story!

Declare your Quest: In 75 words or less, state the title that you will claim, and the feats of live harp performance you will accomplish. This program promotes live local music, so your title should mention a geographical place (think Don Quixote of La Mancha, Duke of York, etc.). Your title can be creative, colorful, or humorous; remember, titles are just nicknames! Make your declaration public, for example on harplist@yahoogroups.com, or by email to John Lozier (jl@harpingforharmony.org), and it will be posted at harpingforharmony.org.

Your quest should involve at least 25 live performance events over the course of a year. Technical skill doesn't matter, but the quest should stretch your comfort level as a person and a performer, and should be a service to your community. Your gigs may be paid or unpaid (musicians are entitled to their livelihood).

Declare by Saint Patrick's Day and your quest will be posted on this website for the current year plus one more.

Tell your Story: Once you have declared and begun your quest, you can report your progress at any time. Your own website is a good place to keep a narrative with appropriate dates, places, images and anecdotes. Or, I will sculpt a page that tells your story after you report to me by email or regular mail. Sooner or later you must tell your entire story, otherwise no one will know how great you are!

Your story will be evaluated by a panel of titled Millennium Harpers. A worthy, readable story, well-told, will qualify you to join the ranks previous titled Millennium Harpers.

Awards are normally announced between Winter Solstice and Saint Patrick's Day.


When you declare your quest, your declaration is posted on this website for up to two years. This can include a link to your website.

When you report substantial progress, you receive a supply of ceramic lapel pins, as illustrated. I personally created these pins to use as token gifts, for example when traveling. If not reported on your own website, our substantial progress may be reported on this website.

When you are awarded your title, I will create for you a certificate and a personalized ceramic medallion inscribed with your name, title and year of completion. This is your Millennium Harper Award.

BONUS AWARDS: Outstanding stories and presentations may be rewarded in additional ways. The ultimate bonus is a small harp such as Millennia suitable for travel, or to give or lend to a new harper. (In a given year, the number of harps awarded will depend on current resources and qualified candidates.)

Additional Rules: Limit one title per person per year; one free supply of lapel pins per lifetime; one bonus prize harp per lifetime.

Financial Sponsorship or Purchase of Titles). As in olden times, those with more wealth than gumption may provide financial backing or even purchase a title. Donors at the $25 level may request up to ten ceramic lapel pins. Donors at the $100 level may request a personalized ceramic medallion with an appropriate title ("patron" or your choice of wording). In addition to the medallion, donors at the $350 level may receive a Millennia harp, or may designate a recipient, or may free up a harp to be awarded to another Millennium Harper. Make donation online or by check (note "Millennium Harper Awards") to Harping for Harmony Foundation, 345 Virginia, Morgantown, WV 26505.