Bev Russell: Millennium Ghost Busker of Southeastern England, 2002

I, Beverly Russell, hereby claim the coveted title of Millennium Ghost Busker of Southeastern England, (click for details). Here is the quest as proposed in early 2002:

During the year 2002, I shall play my harp in at least 25 haunted locations throughout, but not limited to, Southeastern England.?? In doing so, I will strive to bring music and community to those places I play.? I will take any opportunity afforded me to introduce all interested people to the magic of the harp and the mission of Harping for Harmony. Check my progress at

These haunted locations shall include, but not be limited to battle sites, castles, inns, pubs, sacred sites such as churches, church yards, and stone circles and any others as they are made evident to me.

These haunted locations shall be found primarily in the following counties:? West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, and London.? I will not, however limit myself to these location, nor will I limit myself to England as I will play my harp in any haunted location I happen upon in any of my travels.

I shall document my quest by collecting signatures of at least one witness at each location and by publishing photos and a journal on a web site.? (Address to be announced.)

I shall aspire to notify newspapers and/or radio stations of my quest and planned appearances.? This will help with public knowledge of Harping for Harmony, and it?s mission, and it will stretch my personal goals by directing a bit of limelight on me and my quest, when, by nature I am a behind the scenes type person.

I shall aspire to contribute or solicit sufficient donations to Harpers for Harmony to, at the very least, cover the expenses incurred by the organization for all supplied materials, shipping costs, etc.? While this is not pushing any limits for me as a person or a performer, it is in keeping with my personal values.

Beverly E. Russell, Millennnium Ghost Busker of SE England