I, Jane Valencia, on this date of January 27, 2010, do hereby declare
my intent to play at least 25 harp, story, and song planned and
impromptu performances on the San Francisco Peninsula as well as in
other locations that I find myself to be completed by the end of 2010.

I will document the performances with blog posts and a mix of media such
as photos, mp3s, or videos.

Link Here

On completion of the Quest I will claim the title Millenium Dragonharper Of The San Francisco
Peninsula and Beyond.

My decision to undertake this Quest is three-fold (as in the fine tradition of
Bardic Triads):

- to officially resume bardic performances after my hiatus of a couple of years, and just
get myself back 'out there'!
- to give artistically to this area in which I grew up, and where I am currently living
as well as to other places and communities I am connected with
- to share the magic of harp, story, song, poetry, nature, folklore,
 and wise village ways with children of all ages

The term "Dragonharper" is a nod to author Anne McCaffrey's fantasy series about a world
called Pern where Harpers are stewards of culture by way of their music and the messages
they carry.  My intention with offering these performances is to nourish the listeners'
connection with the natural world, their communities, and with the wisdom of their imagination.

Regarding "San Francisco Peninsula and Beyond": I intend most of my
performances to take place on the San Francisco Peninsula.   However,
our family will be moving back to Washington later in the year, and I
may not be able to complete the Quest by that time.  Also, I'd like to
nudge myself to perform in the other special places I may find myself
this year.  One may be in NE Oregon, where we lived last year.
Another may be in Western Colorado, for a large family reunion that
will honor the elders in our family (including a great-aunt who turns
100 this year!) and celebrate legacy.