Sarah Walthery: Millennium Harper of Historic Indiana


I, Sara Walthery, hereby claim the title of Millennium Harper of Historic Indiana for achieving the following quest during the year 2001:

I visited all of the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites: Gene Stratton-Porter State Historic Site; The Indiana State Museum; Levi Coffin; Culbertson Mansion; Angel Mounds; T.C. Steele; Corydon Capitol; Grissom Air Museum; Colonel William Jones; Lanier Mansion; Limberlost; Mansfield Roller Mill; Ernie Pyle; New Harmony; Pigeon Roost; Whitewater Canal Duck Creek Aquaduct; Vincennes State Historic Sites: Sugar Loaf Mound; Fort Knox II; The Old State Bank; The Log Cabin Visitors Center; The Birthplace of Maurice Thompson; Indiana Territory Capitol, The Print shop of Elihu Stout; plus the following other sites in Indiana Brown County State Park; Spring Mill State Park; West Baden Springs; and the James Whitcomb Riley House which constitute every single State Museum and Historic Site to be found within the geographical area known as the State of Indiana, plus the additional State Park or?Historic Landmarks sites to make up a minimum of twenty-five sites, and play my harp, thus claiming the title of Millennium Harper of Historic Indiana Sara Walthery