Peggy Morgan: Millennium Harper of Daniel Boone National Forest, 2002


From: "P. Morgan" Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 00:53:03 -0500 Subject: [MillenniumHarpers] Quest Completed - Stops 24 - 26

I finished my quest today on what's probably the last day of beautiful weather we'll see for a while. I've posted some pictures of these last stops in the list photos file.

Stop # 24 --- Rocky Hollow Park 11/24/02 Today was my last official day of questing, and it turned into a nice family outing. My mother joined Roy and me for these last few stops. It was a wonderful day- the weather was perfect and the company unbeatable. Our first stop was Rocky Hollow Park, a small city park very close to downtown Somerset. I set up to play on a small stone bridge that is part of the walking trail. A few walkers passed and paused, but they only spoke to Roy and Mom for a few minutes. They told Mom they didn't want to disturb my playing.

Stop #25--- Bee Rock 11/24/02 From Rocky Hollow we ventured east into Laurel County to Bee Rock Campground on the Rockcastle river. This is a well-developed campground that sees a lot of use in the summer. The area was settled as Sublimity Springs in 1792 and has been in constant use ever since in some form or other. The campground encompasses both sides of the river and is connected by Sublimity bridge, which was last used for car travel in 1942 but has been refurbished as a pedestrian bridge. The campground was empty when we first arrived, but after about 15 minutes several cars drove in. One older gentle man approached me and after a minute confessed to being a bluegrass guitarist. He put a harp twist on that old saw about pianos- Why can't you play Bluegrass music on a harp? Answer: there's no place to put a capo! After a few more songs I packed up and we continued on our way.

Stop #26 --- Bald Rock 11/24/02 From Bee Rock we continued to Bald Rock Conservation Center, a bunkhouse type setup that the Forest Service uses for educational purposes and community service programs. It's a frequent stop for youth groups as well, although it was unoccupied today. I played for 20 minutes or so while passersby on the road did double takes.

It was with regret that I packed up to leave this last stop on my quest? I've had such fun getting out, talking to people and even drawing a few strange looks. The quest has terrified me (in the beginning), excited me (as I got closer to finishing) and brought me closer to my family, who at first thought it was a whim but grew more supportive as the number of stops mounted. I've seen new scenery and new faces and been forced to grow as a performer. I've educated a few people about harps and learned a few things about people, first and foremost of those things being that you can improve someone's day (and maybe their life) with just a smile and a bit of music. It's a lesson I won't forget.

Peggy Morgan, Millennium Harper of Daniel Boone National Forest, Burnside, KY

(below is the quest declaration from early 2002:)

I, Peggy Morgan, wish to become Millenium Harper of Daniel Boone National Forest 2002. I will seek to promote healing and understanding by playing my harp in the following 25 public places within the Daniel Boone National Forest area: 1)Alpine Park, 2)Bald Rock Picnic Grounds, 3)Bee Rock camping area, 4)Buffalo Arch, 5)Beaver Creek Day use area, 6)General Burnside state park, 7)Big South Fork recreation area, 8)Blue Heron Interpretive Trail, 9)Cumberland Falls state park,10) Great Meadows campground,11) Hemlock Grove Picnic Grounds, 12) Historic Stearns,13) Koger Arch, 14)Middle Ridge Trailhead, 15)Natural Arch, 16)Princess Falls, 17)Pulaski Park, 18)Rocky Hollow Park, 19)Somerset Town Square Yahoo Falls, 20)Whitley City Historic town square, 21)Little Lick campground 22) Hollybay Campground 23) Zollicoffer Park, 24) Nancy National Cemetary, 25) Cole Community Park

Peggy Morgan, Burnside, KY