Mary Kathleen Lloyd: Millennium Harper of Brazos Valley, Texas, 2002

Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2002 09:13:09 EST Subject: [MillenniumHarpers] QUEST COMPLETION! - Gig #25 Reply-To:

I've finished! I've finished! :-)

I hereby claim my title as Millennium Harper of Brazos Valley, Texas

I can't believe it, actually. I think when I started the Quest I didn't really expect to be able to finish it, but as I got more and more done it began to look possible. I've actually played about 35 times (would have to stop and count them up) this year - a world record for me! - but the extras have been repeat performances in quest locations. I've got documentation - copies of my witness sheets, photos, bulletins, etc. - almost put together. As soon as I get this last roll of film developed I will mail them in. Although.... I might play an extra for the carolers tonight, if the opportunity arises! :-)

(Mary) Kathleen in Texas Millennium Harper of the Brazos Valley,Texas.

Here's the quest I declared at the beginning of 2002:

I, Mary Kathleen Lloyd, do hereby declare my quest to promote harmony and community, locally and globally (well, locally at least!), through harp music: To play in 25 assorted public or semi-public locations around the Bryan-College Station / Brazos Valley area during 2002. These do not all belong to one particular type, but are as many possible locations I can think of; to include churches, nursing/retirement homes, parks, cemeteries, etc.

Some of the locations are: (my list so far) Crestview Retirement Community, Sherwood Health Care, The Grand Court, St Paul's Methodist Church, First Christian Church, B-CS, US Post Office, Kurten, Tryon Cemetery, Kurten Cemetery, Bryan Public Library, Tanglewood Park, St Joseph Hospital,

... and others as I think of them! ( I am avoiding schools at this time, as I don't really have any particular program planned, and am only thinking of playing one or a few songs in each location. This may change at any time without prior notice!) This is really pushing my boundaries, since I suffer from mild performance anxiety, and this will definitely be a stretch for me!

I will document my quest with signatures from witnesses and/or photos at each location. Upon completion of my quest I will claim the title of Millennium Harper of the Brazos Valley, Texas! TX

[other material - later additional declaration]


I, Mary K. Lloyd,  will claim the title of Millennium Harper of The Texas Independence Trail. I am planning several trips to see as many important points of interest along the Texas Independence Trail as possible. This will include battle sites, town sites, forts, historical parks and state parks, convention/meeting places, home sites, and other places associated with the Texas Revolution, 1835 to 1836; previous years of settlement and colonization by Stephen F. Austin, beginning in 1822; and the years as a Republic (1836-1845) before becoming a state in 1845. (Mary Kathleen Lloyd is 2002 Millennium Harper of the Brazos Valley, Texas.)