Yopal, Casanare, Colombia

Wednesday morning, 1/31/2018. This morning I'm in Yopal. Six hours in the bus from Arauca yesterday brought me through four distinct geographical regions.

Arauca is the "sabana inundable," grassland that is 70% flooded during several months of the year. Shortly after leaving Arauca, the landscape change: still flat, still grassland, but with many more palms and trees. This is the "alta sabana," high plains.

After a couple of hours, we came into the "pied de monte," the piedmont. We began crossing running rivers crossing wide gravelly riverbeds. Gently sloping hills, then steeper. We began to glimpse "cordillera," the mountains to the west. We passed through some winding stretches of road, and ended back in the piedmont. 

Plan is to visit farmers and musicians and return to Arauca on Friday.