Hi, I'm John Lozier, and I call myself a harper for harmony. This is the story of my discovery and dedication to live and local harping, at all ages and all skill levels. And especially to Latin American (and especially Venezuelan) styles, techniques and repertoire.

It started in 1991, when I traveled to Venezuela with a group of colleagues from the College of Agriculture at West Virginia University. There, in the eastern plains state of Anzoategui, I encountered the folk harp, the arpa llanera, up close and spectacular.

Fast forward several years, and I was delivering hands-on harp programs like the one pictured here at Camp Horseshoe in West Virginia. 

Upon returning from South America in 1991, I got a harp and started teaching myself to play, using cassette tapes and videos from Alfredo Rolando Ortiz

In 1995, I started Harping for Harmony Foundation, with a missionto promote harmony and community, locally and globally, through harp music. 

March, 2014, My story on this page is a narrative work in progress.

The Millenium Harper Awards. As the year 2000 approached, I declared a quest - to play in each of West Virginia's 55 Counties, and then to declare myself Millennium Harper of West Virginia. In the following years, many other harpists declared their own quests, and upon completing, claimed their titles.

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