Opportunity for aspiring harp students, at all age and skill levels, has been a goal of Harping for Harmony Foundation since the beginning in 1994.

In 2014, I visited Academia Llano y Joropoin Bogotá, Colombia, where I spent several weeks under the intruction of master teacher and harpist Hildo Ariel Aguirre Daza (photo right, with students). In the course of more than 25 years, this school has trained young musicians in the traditional folk style of musica llanera. Alumni and current students include many outstanding performers. (install Click here for examples.) 

Since the mid-90's, the Almost Heaven Harp Circle continues to meet every month in Morgantown, West Virginia, providing a regular opportunity for newcomers (photo below).




Photo at right: Camp Horseshoe near Parsons, West Virginia


Back in 1994, inspired by another devoted folk harpist, John Kovac, I began building small, simple, low-cost harps for beginners. , I traveled to El Salvador with six small harps in kit form. In 2002, in Guatemala, I met a local craftsman, Rigoberto Hernandez, who has established a local enterprise at Arpas de Guatemala. Rigoberto has provided harps for Patrice Fisher's Guatemala Music Teaching Project.