In February, 2011, I traveled to Barinas, Venezuela, where I was a guest of Señor Elvis Piñero and his daughter Lorelvis.

Here is a gallery of photos from that period.

It was in Venezuela, in 1991, that I first encountered the harp as a folk instrument. I carried harps to El Salvador in 1994, with Companion Community Development Alternativesa group involved in reconstruction after their civil war. The name, "harping for harmony," was inspired by Potters for Peace.

After a lifetime of different roles and careers (among them anthropologist, small businessman, bureaucrat, agricultural educator, father, and grandfather), I now regard myself as primarily a harper for harmony and a K-12 substitute public school teacher in West Virginia.

- John Lozier, Executive Director, Harping for Harmony Foundation.

December, 2013

Harping for Harmony Foundation is a 501(c)(3) exempt charity in the State of West Virginia, established in 1994. Donations are tax-deductable.