Spanish Language Instructional Enrichment Program:

Live Latin American Style Harp Music and Conversational Spanish

I have begun offering a Spanish language instructional enrichment program, featuring live Latin American style harp music and conversational Spanish for middle and high school Spanish classes. Latin harp style is my special devotion; I speak good Spanish; read books in Spanish for fun, and travel in Latin America every year or two. A retired cultural anthropologist, I served K-12 education under contract with the WV Department of Education for more than 10 years. Specifically, my work with WVDOE has been with Learn and Serve projects and with after-school programs (21st Century Learning Centers).

Many people do not realize that the harp is very popular in Latin America, especially in Venezuela, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru and Mexico. My program provides a mix of live harp music in the Latin styles; questions and answers in Spanish; audio and video materials and other cultural information. Learning objectives include motivating the study of other cultures as well as the learning of the Spanish language. The program includes presentation of folk songs with transcriptions and translations, a tool for building vocabulary.

Please explore this website for more information, especially here and here. Harping for Harmony Foundation is dedicated to promoting "harmony and community, locally and globally, through harp music." Since 1995, projects have touched on topics of peace, childhood, livelihood, health, and democracy.

In the course of a typical school day, the program can be delivered to 5 or 6 classes, to 150 students or more.

I invite Spanish teachers, school administrators, and advocates for education to get in touch with me.

John Lozier