Plans for 2018 are developing now (October 2017). Plans for March tour need confirmation by early February or ASAP.  Contact John Lozier to inquire. Keep checking back here, and at Artist Profiles.

March 15-26, 2018: Paraguayan harpist Nicolas Carter will appear in locations in VA, WV, PA and possibly MD. If interested in sponsoring an event, contact John Lozier. Anchoring this tour are events set for Saturday and Sunday, March 17-18, and then for Saturday-Sunday March 23-24. Events can be daytime or evening, private or public, may include schools and restaurants, all terms negotiable. 

Single events ("one-off") can be at any time of the year, with any available resources. Extended plans for three "major" tours each year are tentatively sketched in the following bullet points.

calendar (under construction)

  • July, 2018: Goal is to secure support to bring Herencias from Colombia. This is a trio of young musicians trained by Hildo Ariel at Academia Llano y Joropo in Bogota. The harpist is Sergio Nicolas, who was very well received in 2015. Dates will be set to accommodate US festivals and other commitments. MORE ABOUT HERENCIAS
  • September, 2018: A Mexican harpist, in the jarocho tradition, is preferred, but none has been selected as of September, 2017. Selection is under discussion with Angel Tolosa.
  • March, 2019: Paraguayan to be identified (Pedro Gaona, Nicolas Carter, ??)
  • July, 2019: Repeat, expanded July, 2017 tour with Colombian harpist Hildo Ariel
  • September, 2019: