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Below I aim to tell the story of Harping for Harmony Foundation from its beginning in 1994, from my own harp discovery in 1991. This story is pieced together from a clutter notebooks, photos, clippings, calendars, and correspondence. Materials began to appear on this website in 1999, but there have been several revisions. Many resources are at this earlier version of the website

The Millennium Harper Project awarded honorific "titles" to many harpists who declared live harp "quests" between 2000 and 2008.  

ARPATUR ... ARPATUR, Venezuela 2005, ... Colombia 2014

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international projects: El Salvador, Russia, Haiti, Cyprus, Guatemala, Venezuela, Colombia

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Other projects: Ronald McDonald, Honduras, Academia, Nicolas 1, Pedro, Nicolas 2, Geronimo, Silvio ...  

Almost Heaven Harp Circle has been meeting monthly since ... date.