Holiday SPAM: Happy New Year, from a Harper for Harmony

Happy New Year, Feliz Navidad

Maybe once a year I can get away with what I'm doing now, "holiday spam" to A LOT OF RECIPIENTS from my contacts list. This is to invite many who do not know much about Latin American harp music. Some but not all of you know me as a "harper for harmony." My longstanding devotion has been to Harping for Harmony Foundationand my newest initiative is the Baqueanos program to promote traditional live, acoustic Latin American harp music.

Here's the line-up for 2018:

Baqueanos has its roots in efforts over many years sponsoring performances by traditional Latin American harpists in the US. In 2017, I organized a tour in DC, VA, WV and PA with Colombian master harpist Hildo Ariel Aguirre Daza. Hildo Ariel called me his baqueano, thereby giving a name to this program offering logistic support to Latin American harpists wishing to perform in North America. In the plains of Venezuela and Colombia, a baqueano(guide) is a friendly person familiar with the local territory and its people. Hildo Ariel was my baqueano in 2014 when I spent 3 weeks with him in Bogotá, at his music school, Academia Llano y Joropo. 

In order to build and grow a North American audience for traditional Latin American harp music, I want to be a baqueano for others from the Latin harp traditions. Here is a list of some qualified harpists that I know and admire.

Three aspects of the Baqueanos program are:

  1. Logistic and material support for qualified Latin American harpists wishing to perform in North America;
  2. Assistance to groups and individuals who will sponsor Latin American harp events in North America; and
  3. Live promotional programs, no fee required! By harper for harmony John Lozier; these events are a mix of live performance and presentation of audio-visual resources, designed to display the appeal and diversity of Latin American harp traditions.

If interested, you can "reply" directly to! Or, you can "subscribe" to receive occasional newsletters (fewer than once a month). Of course I'd like you to "donate" to support the Baqueanos and other programs of Harping for Harmony Foundation. (Or you can just delete this message.)

By far the best outcome for me would an invitation to deliver a program and/or an offer to volunteer your collaboration in sponsoring an actual live presentation by a qualified Latin American harpist.

Thank you for reading..

Peace on Earth

Harmony and Community, Locally and Globally, through Harp Music.

Happy and Prosperous New Year 2018

- John Lozier