Two-Year Programming for Latin Harp Events

Hildo and I are now planning two years ahead.

  • In June or July of 2018, we will bring his son Sergio Nicolas and two other young musicians, touring as a trio.
  • in 2019, we will bring Hildo Ariel once again.

However, we have more immediate plans:

  • in September, 2017 (just two months months from now!!), we will sponsor a tour with Venezuelan harpist Angel Tolosa.
  • In March, 2018, we will sponsor a tour with another harpist, likely from the harp tradition of Paraguay.
  • each year we aim to sponsor three tours, scheduled for Spring, Summer and Fall. 

As I've said before, my devotion to the traditional Latin harp began with my first visit to Venezuela in 1991. I started Harping for Harmony Foundation in 1994, with a mission to promote harmony and community, locally and globally, through harp music. The mission has gradually evolved into the current focus on promoting Latin harp style, technique and repertoire to new audiences and also to other harpists.