The Baquiano Program - DRAFT 12/7/17

Through the Baquiano Program, Harping for Harmony Foundation (HHF) and collaborators offer sponsorship and support for traditional Latin American harpists touring and performing in the United States. Well-qualified performers can apply for services including logistics and scheduling of events; accommodations and hospitality; and also for a limited amount of financial support.

The name of the program was suggested by Colombian harpist Hildo Ariel during a US tour in July, 2017, sponsored by HHF. He called me his baquiano. In the plains of Venezuela and Colombia, a baquiano is an experienced local person or guide. When a stranger turns up, a baquiano can always be helpful and hospitable. Or not!! In reality, the extent of such hospitality depends upon discovering a common purpose, and developing rapport.

Hildo Ariel was my baquiano in Bogota in 2014, where I was his guest and studentat his highly regarded music school, Academia Llano y Joropo.

In brief, the new HHF program is to provide a baquiano for visiting harpists in the US. This is to return favors I've received from Hildo Ariel and other baquianos I have met over more than 25 years of travel in Venezuela and Colombia.

Applicants are to be well-qualified performers, either established professionals or new and aspiring young musicians. The purpose of the program is to develop a US audience for this music. Events may include public concert performances, school presentations, workshops, restaurant entertainment, etc. Events may be ticketed (with admission fee) or free to the public with revenue mainly from donations and sale of recordings.

US tours will be scheduled three times a year, in Spring, Summer and Autumn. Initially, the program will focus on tours in the vicinity of Morgantown, West Virginia, and adjacent states of Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. With growth of the program, tours may be more frequent and may reach any part of the United States.