Harping for Harmony on a Roll, Heading into 2018

Hello, Friends, Happy Holidays,

At Thanksgiving, I'm grateful for your support and encouragement over the course of many years. It has been a while since I wrote. I will respond personally if you reply (jl@harpingforharmony.org). I appreciate your feedback and I humbly ask for your financial support.

Harping for Harmony Foundation (HHF) has made some giant steps in 2017, with big plans for 2018 and beyond. As always, the mission is harmony and community, locally and globally, through harp music. My personal devotion, since 1995, has been presenting Latin American harp music to new audiences. 

In March, 2018, a Harping for Harmony tour with Paraguayan harpist Nicolas Carter will reach VA, WV, PA and MD. Nicolas is very well known in the harp world; he performs widely in the US and abroad. Yet this astonishing talent and these remarkable traditions are virtually unknown to the general public. I want to change that situation!

In 2017, HHF sponsored a short appearance with Nicolas Carter, and more extensive tours with Colombian Hildo Ariel and Venezuelan Angel Tolosa. We have presented these and many other remarkable talents, over the years. To improve their visibility in the US, I'm working on a list of artist profiles.

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More background...

This year I've been seriously working to develop the potential of Harping for Harmony Foundation (HHF). Established in 1995, the organization has been relatively inactivefor several years. This has changed in 2017. Our founding documents are now posted on our website. There is independent verification showing slow activity in recent years. 

In 2014, I spent three weeks in Bogota, Colombia, studying with master harpist HIldo Ariel Aguirre, founder of Academia Llano y Joropo. Then in 2015, I hosted Hildo's son, Sergio Nicolas, a remarkable young harpist who has beencelebrated in Paris this year.

Three times a year since 2014, HHF has sponsored events with a number of other harpists, links are shown on the sidebar at harpingforharmony.org. This is a collaboration with harpmaker John Kovac of Front Royal, VA, and others.

Bottom line, we raised just under $6000 in 2017, all from donations and tips at our events. We have $2500 on hand, but that won't be enough for our plans for 2018 and beyond. We have not been supported by grants. Your donation now will boost our year-end numbers, so that we can offer matching when applying for grants in the future.

It is all about

Presenting Latin American Harp Music
to New Audiences

Thank you for reading, and for your support and encouragement. Peace!!

John Lozier, Executive Director

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