Hi, I'm John Lozier, I call myself a harper for harmony.

My personal mission is presenting Latin American harp music to new audiences. Two ways I might help:

  • I can connect you with the services of a skilled Latin American harpist. I am acquainted with several established professional musicians, and also with very promising young musicians who are ready for presentation in the Northeast US. 
  • I can provide musical services myself, as a harper for harmony. I can deliver a program combining my own live performance on arpa llanera, along with multi-media cultural and Spanish language education.
  • Please get in touch with me. How can I help you with a program for school, community group, or private event?

I'm also very interested in Spanish Language Education - songs in Spanish; children's music for environmental education in Latin America

My calling is to promote  harmony and community, locally and globally, through harp music. 

(Mi apodo en español es Juanito Lucero. Mis dos pasiones son la música de arpa y comunicación en español. Ofresco mi arpa en la promoción de armonia y comunidad, al nivel local y global, por medio del arpa.)

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Harping for Harmony Foundation is a 501(c)(3) exempt charity in the State of West Virginia, established in 1994. Donations are tax-deductable. FEIN 550746741.