Colombian harpist hildo ariel aguirre daza

Colombian Harpist Hildo Ariel Aguirre Daza

(click for his US itinerary July 6-27, 2017)

press release 7/6/2017

Hildo Ariel is a world-class performer and teacher of the traditional arpa llanera of Colombia and Venezuela. Here are some Youtube Links of his performances:

Kirpa del Folclor Bajo el Cielo Azul del Llano - Potra Sin Riendas - Las Tres Damas

He's a very dedicated teacher. I'm eager to lure harpists (and other musicians) to workshops for all skill levels. Here are a couple of links at the "beginner" level (nivel principiante) or maybe "intermediate"....

Tonada - Caminito Verde - Cari Cari

Here are a few of links from a loooong list of performances I admire, from other but related Latin artists and traditions:

La Bruja - Eugenia León and Lila Downs (Mexico) 

El Chino de los Mandados - Walter Silva (Colombia)

Pajarillo - Jose Gregorio Lopez (Venezuela)

Here are a couple of links to my own field recordings from two weeks in Bogotá with Hildo Ariel at Academia Llano y Joropo, in 2014:

Julia Gomez Toro - Las Tres Damas

Martin Cortés - Seis Por Derecho

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