The 2018 (fifth annual) Encuentro Internacional Maestros del Arpa will be held in Bogota, Colombia, September 5-9, 2018. Since 2014, these events have featured some of the best performers from harp traditions from all over the world, including the major harp cultures of Latin America (Paraguay, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico).

Past Encuentros have featured

  • Classic (pedal harp)
  • Celtic harp
  • Paraguayan harp, 
  • Jarocha (Mexican) harp
  • Kora (West African harp)
  • Arpa Llanera ("harp of the plains," Colombia and Venezuela) 

Past Encuentros have featured performers from:

  • Cuba: Alfredo Rolando Ortiz;
  • Paraguay: Nicolás Caballero and Marcelo Rojas; 
  • Venezuela: Henry Rubio, Carlos Orozco, and Oscar Ybirmas;
  • Ireland: Dearbhail Finnegan and Cormac de Barra;
  • Belgium: Pia Salvia;
  • USA: Alegra Cramer and ; 
  • Wales: Mairi Chainbeull; 
  • Colombia: David Parales, René Devia, Darío Robayo, Abdul Farfán, Yesid Castro, William Castro, Sergio Aguirre, Wilmer López, Grupo Arpas de Colombia, Arpas Kids, and Orquesta Metropolitana Batuta 

Harping for Harmony and Academia Llano y Joropo are contemplating a possible tour for  North American harpists. The plan would include admission to all public events; a special visit to Academia Llano y Joropo; 7 nights lodging, meals, and local transportation. I would be the overall tour guide. No cost has yet been determined.

John Lozier