a program presenting Latin American Harp Traditions to New Audiences in North America

  • Logistic and Material Support for qualified Latin American harpists wishing to perform in North America;

  • Assistance to group and individual sponsors of Latin American harp events in North America;

  • Informational presentations, mixing live performance and audio-visuals illustrating the appeal and diversity of Latin American harp traditions. Offered by Executive Director John Lozier.

A baquiano is a local guide, a person with intimate knowledge of a territory and its people. The word derives from cattle-driving of past centuries in Venezuela and Colombia. A baquiano was needed to show the path across a trackless plain.

The harp arrived in Latin America with the Spaniards, centuries ago. It survived and thrived as a "diatonic" folk instrument while keyboards and the "chromatic" revolution relegated the diatonic harp to marginal regions (Ireland, Scotland) in Europe.

You are a baquiano when you offer a venue, publicity, hospitality, or support for Latin American harp music in your own community.